Nukkad Natak

NukkadNatak or street theatre is not just a word but an emotion. It is a form of theatrical performance and presentation of an act in an open area in mostly large groups. Anyone can watch it free of cost and is mainly designed for common people. It can be anywhere including shopping centers, car parking, street corners etc. It is said that it started in India in 1940’s and became popular nationwide through the efforts of Indian People Theatre Association (IPTA). Jana NatyaManch (popularly known as Janam) is perhaps India’s best known street theatre group. Founded in 1973 by a group of youngsters that included the late Safdar Hashmi, Janam has performed over 8,000 shows at nearly 100 streets and prosceniums. In recent years street play has picked up pace. Before it was a source of providing information to people when there was no television, radio etc. but now street play is used to convey messages to the crowd watching it. Today it is perhaps the best way of connecting with people. It is way through which a lot of social awareness campaigns have gained strength on topics like FARMERS, WATER CRISIS, CHILD LABOUR, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, GENDER EQUALITY,

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