Election war room

War rooms have techies who track voters and their phone numbers to contact them during elections. The Use of GPRS and monitoring via video and audio facility will be an added feature this time around. Preparation for war rooms started three months ago and these have started functioning even as the parties are yet to announce candidates. Social media is a major weapon in the battle of ballots. Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp played a crucial role in the victory election.

“War rooms do the homework for parties and candidates, and help in canvassing and connecting with voters.”

Without homework, your classwork won’t be good enough. In today’s time, the electoral room has become an important part of politics. In the 80 decade, the leaders of all parties used to contest the elections on the strength of their strong political image, working people in the field, and the support of the people, but in today’s time, the electoral chamber is the most important to contest elections. The Electoral Room is a great form of branding for politics. In changing times and in this world of digital life, everyone wants to see themselves as a brand. If a little attention is paid to Indian elections, politics has already become completely digital and branding.

War room is a major chamber of political campaigning. The Electoral Room is usually a digital room. In such a place where all the movements happening in public are monitored by The skill core team in our electoral field. Warrior, who is fully skilled in the electoral field, makes important plans on your election campaign and you activate those plans in the constituency and keep a constant eye. We need computers, information testers, equipment, technical support, and skilled IT staff to set up the Election Room.

There are four types of war rooms in the political crusade of Chunav Chanakya.
Decision-Making Room

It is a chamber which has a team of people interested and skilled in political programs and is called the core member of the Electoral Chamber. This enables the program to be organized under the campaign and to act quickly on any occasion. Members of his team are also with you in your election campaign and are always in touch with the people of the battle field who make decisions.

Media Monitoring wise Room

There are 10 to 12 support staff in this media room. This dedicated team makes its decision on online activities. They bring all the information in the constituency under immediate effect and respond to them. All the employees of this room are always in touch with the team of the decision-making room. And by staying here, they keep an eye on all social media campaigns and

Election -wise room call center

It is also an important part of the electoral battle. In this time center prepared by Chunav Chanakya, there is a constant means of contacting voters of the constituency and taking them in their faith. Generally, voters who are angry with social media give their message in our war room. This team is helpful in forming a relationship with those voters. This team of call center depends on the voters of your constituency.

Handling the mean-field War Room of election day

On the election day, to take the major trends of the people, there is an important role of this war Room. Mainly, this party selects monitoring of key voters at the booths on the day of the election, as well as contacting the campaign project director in-charge of your booth directly. Every single vote is necessary here, for this we fulfill all the objectives and of course, you win the election. The four sections of the election campaign are usually connected to each other. The program is required in real time of election. Let’s expand it.

Chunav Chanakya is known for its activity and electoral strategy in decision-making war rooms. Our team of experts works day and night to make sure that the strategy they create is making your election management better. In this same room, our rally head team also participates in your election journey and gets to know your opinion from your voters, and accordingly works to give new momentum to your campaign.

Why Chunav Chanakya is important in the political war room?

Chunav Chanakya has experience in Indian elections. It is one of the top companies, which has Been serving in the Election Room for years. We have skilled strategy cars, election experts, And people with good experience in the electoral field. Along with presenting your image as a brand, we have the experience of doing better social media management.

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